Monday, June 27, 2005

Infinite possibilities - well, ok, two possibilities.

[From Elynn: I decided (at least initially) to try and update every day or two as I go, That's because I find I'm generating so much text from such a small amount of gameplay. Apparently I was sim-starved. Or something. Enjoy!]

Dervish arrived home in good spirits, with one thing on his mind.

OK, TWO things. The first one was making money - LOTS of money.
The second was beautiful, adorable, blonde haired vixen Tristen. Oh, he'd heard the stories about her wild romances with other guys - but did it really matter? He loved her. And besides, EVERY wealthy guy needed a trophy wife - preferably blonde. With this in mind he called her and begged her to come over. She hesitated only a moment before agreeing.

While he waited for the love of his life to arrive, he checked online want ads. He wasn't going to settle for just any career - oh no. He'd seen how much moolah dad brought home, and had his heart set on being a pro athlete too. Unfortunately, none of the big pro teams were hiring.

Well, bother. Guess he'd have to work his way to the top. But what was that? A knock at the door?

He swept her into his arms, and delivered a passionate kiss. "Darling, there is something I must ask you..." he breathed into her ear.

"Yes - oh YES!" She cried. the engagement was official!

"We will marry as soon as I can find a job in the athletic career," he promised. "Be strong, and wait for me. Our wedding day will be the most magical day of your life!" She kissed him and left to shop for the wedding dress, while he resumed the job hunt. The next day, after all, was little Doh's birthday - and he still didn't have a present for his much-younger brother.

It wasn't until after dinner that the family noticed the strange behavior of the nanny, Cassandra. She's wandered into the guest bathroom nd was standing there muttering to herself, neither showering nor eating - in fact the few times he peeked inside, Dervish was almost positive the woman was asleep on her feet. Well into the night, Cassandra's descent into senility was the elephant in the room none of the family members wanted to talk about. Brandi watched the baby, and everyone simply used the other bathroom. However, as it grew later and later, it became clear something had to be done. CJ took charge. He walked over to Cassandra, hoisted her on his shoulders, and carried her outside to the garden. "Maybe the nanny service will come pick her up," he told Dervish. "Either way, having her talking to herself was creeping me out - who knows what she might have done with all of us asleep and vulnerable?" With that, the Fredeschays went to sleep, while the Nanny stood silent motionless vigil outside in the tulips.

And as he drowsed, CJ dreamed.. dreamed about the sexy super villain outfit Brandi wore.. dreamed about becoming a super villain himself.. was the time finally right? Could he too achieve that permanent state of bliss in which Brandi found herself - a "platinum" level, as it were? With his enemy old age on the run, there was time for many things - many pursuits which he had not previously considered... so musing, he dropped off to sleep...

Tune in next post...

[Elynn again: Yup, the nanny got royally stuck. I was forced to use the moveobjects cheat to get her out of the house, and if she doesn't get unstuck after a reboot I'll probably delete her and let her re-materialize by the mailbox.]


Blogger Rachel said...

LMAO Wow, this is great! Nannies are nothing but a pain in the ass, are they not?

I had a similar problem with the maid getting stuck on my Legacy lot after installing University. I had to use boolprop to delete her absent van, after which she just walked home and showed up the next morning as if nothing had happened.

1:23 PM  
Blogger Anne said...

Excellent update! I am so jealous, I can't get to my turn until I get home - stupid work! Stupid having to eat and have shelter! :)

And I agre with Rachel, nannies are a pain in the ass.

1:55 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

We hate nannies and sometimes need to make a special room for them.... to die! Bua ha ha ha ha.

11:08 PM  

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