Saturday, June 25, 2005

Our Story Begins

As the people of Sol began to colonize the stars many planets required a lengthy terraforming process. In an attempt to speed up that process, genetic engineering was performed on a small Spore that was found in a tidepool on the third planet from Altair. The resulting small, insect-like creature was called a "Ground Crawler" which was eventually shortened to"Grawler". By consuming various minerals this mighty biotic converted dead, airless planets into lush, verdant worlds, ready for colonization.

The worlds converted in this way were called "Grawls". In late 2105, Captain CJ Fredeschay was surveying a Grawl that was nearly ready for colonization. As he passed over a gorgeous valley his one-man survey probe crash-landed in the hills, forcing him to take refuge in the valley. During the rescue attempt, all of the Captain's rescuers realized the valley was perfect for carving out a new life. So they all stayed in order to make the Grawl their own. This Fredeschay.


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