Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Gwyneth grows into a lovely dark haired, tanned child always wondering why she didn't get her sister Gabriella's unique orange locks (except for when kids call her "Ronald McDonald" at school, so maybe orange hair is not all it's cut out to be...). No longer looking like an adopted Asian boy, she is pretty in her own way. The two girls are close and enjoy spending time with each other, as well as competing for their grandparent's attention with their excellent grades.

Things seem to be getting back to normal in the Fredeschay household, when Fiona, who had been trying to forget about her wild night and go on with her life, realizes not only she won't forget about it anytime soon, but everybody else will know about it, too. Fiona was pregnant again! With Vincent dead, it was no surprise the other family members were curious as to the origins of this new addition, but Fiona refuses to talk about it, making Eloise walk away mumbling...

All throughout the pregnancy, Fiona seems very absent minded, spending long periods of time staring away into space, smiling and saying nothing. Knut just smiles and watches TV.

At last, the long awaited day arrives and Fiona finally talks... but it's sailor speak and not fit for printing, as the birth was a painful one and she wasn't happy with all the people cheering in the room, waiting to get a glimpse of the mysterious baby (not to mention some had placed bets on who the daddy was...).

It's a BOY!!! After much screaming and squirming, Fiona finally delivers a healthy baby boy.

They all stand around waiting for her to name the baby, hoping that maybe that'll give them a clue as to who the daddy is, but Fiona names him Galahad. Nobody remembers any friends or neighbors with that name, so they figure she probably didn't name him after his daddy. So who is the daddy??

They are all puzzled, but Fiona only smiles and holds the baby...


Blogger Chris said...

LMAO! What FUN! I love that it's a boy and that his name is Galahad. Now if we just knew whether his genes were royal...he might even be a blue-blood.

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