Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Who's Yer daddy?!?!

Galahad grows into a handsome little boy and the mystery of his origins continues, although sometimes when Eloise looks at him, she sees a resemblance here and there. Could it be...? No... That's impossible. In any case, she doesn't care, because Galahad is the most adorable little boy ever. With all the tutoring and studying he's been exposed to, he is soon enrolled in private school with his older sisters, where he proves himself smart and athletic, and makes many friends.

Captain CJ, Knut, Eloise and Fiona are all very proud of him, even though Captain CJ is a bit off in the head due to his age. Knut and Eloise are not too young themselves, and while he is retired and enjoys gardening and photography (and making out in the terrace), Eloise loves going to work.

Fiona, on the other hand seems to have acheived a healthy balance. Having reached the pinnacle of her career, she can afford herself the luxury of pursuing other interests, mainly perky, cheerful ones. While she doesn't seem to be able to focus her interest in just one person, Kay Bachman, the once pesky cheerleader, sure does take up a lot of her free time. With Kay and Fiona's past history, one would wonder why they would be spending so much time together now, but with Vincent gone as well as all those other men whose names she can't remember, Kay seems to be a firm presence in Fiona's life. She is more mature now and has changed her hairstyle, which makes Fiona's dislike for her tone down a bit. Little Galahad is not very fond of her, but it's not like they're getting married or anything, so Fiona doesn't worry much about it.

One day, Kay comes by to visit as always and just out of the blue, she kisses Fiona. She then goes on to confess that she's always had a crush on her and that's why she was so mean to Vincent. Fiona is touched and flattered, and from then on, they become inseparable.

With Gabriella and Vincent gone off to La Fiesta Tech, the house is a lot more quiet than it used to be, even though Gwyneth seems to have the same phone bug as well. She has grown into a lovely teenager with many friends. She'd like to have a boyfriend but she wants to get rid of some extra pounds that make her self- conscious.

At La Fiesta Tech, both Gabriella and Vincent have fit in nicely. The first thing she does when she arrives on campus is hit the Mirage shops, of course, for a new set of clothes.

Vincent doesn't care much for clothes, so he keeps his standard issue outfit and focuses on the more important things, namely, books.

Gabriella certainly is a complex creature. Once her shopping spree is over (it's good to be a Fredeschay!), she is so happy with all her purchases, and her new wardrobe... that she streaks for joy all over the parking lot!!!

But not everything can be happiness and shopping sprees in a sim's life and all things must come to an end. In this case, Knut and Eloise. Probably the oldest sims ever to live in the Grawl, they pass whithin a few hours of each other and are deeply mourned by their families.

Gwyneth goes away to college shortly thereafter and joins Gabriella and Vincent at La Fiesta Tech. Galahad grows up into a very handsome teenager, with only one thing on his mind (no, not THAT): Money. He wants to be a businessman... a very rich one.

In an unexpected turn of events, his grief-stricken mother marries the cheerleader and even takes her name! Galahad is furious and can't take it anymore. He enrolls in the advanced program of his high school, graduates ahead of his class and heads out to La Fiesta to join his sisters...


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