Sunday, October 02, 2005


Gwyneth had also once thought that having lots of friends was the key to happiness, but since she was failing pretty dismally in the pursuit of that lifestyle, she was rethinking her priorities as well. She determined that what she really wanted was to grow old with that special someone, although in the short term, falling in love and having some WooHoo would be just about right. Unfortunately, however, Gwyneth didn't have that special someone in mind. So grave was her desperation after a few terms of loneliness that she cornered her dorm neighbor, the rugged Payton LeTourneau, and after one kiss, she decided she wanted to get engaged right then and there. Payton wisely made himself scarce "at class" and "asleep in bed" for quite some time thereafter.

Galahad, not wanting to buck the trend, wondered if his own goal of being a money-grubbing business tycoon was maybe a little shallow. He decided that his two older sisters had it right: the better goal was to have a family. And when he had a family one day, he wanted to have three kids just like Gabriella, Gwyneth, and himself—-except perhaps with a mate who was not, in fact, related to him-—who could all go to college together and get their degrees, just like the three of them were doing now. Starry-eyed, Galahad finally professed his love to his dormmate, Barbra Streisand lookalike LaShanda Carr, who had the incredibly attractive qualities of being conveniently nearby and already knowing him. Ah, true love.


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