Sunday, October 02, 2005

Giving it the old college try

Those college years just slip away like sand through your fingers, don't they? One day you're a dreamy-eyed freshman; the next, some hundreds of thousands of actual days later, there you go, a proud college graduate.

The Fredeschay kids were nowhere near that day.

Gabriella, Gwyneth, Galahad, and Gabriella's main squeeze Vincent Gray were all living in the same dorm at La Fiesta Tech. It was that or the dorm occupied by the spirit of a long-dead guy named Blair, and nobody wanted to chance that.

Galahad had decided to major in economics so that he could someday become a money-grubbing business tycoon, an idea that made him quite cheerful. Vincent chose a major in physics, mostly just to play to his strength of mechanical skill, since all he really wanted to do was settle down and have a family. Gabriella wanted a family too, but she also wanted a career, ideally as a superhero. In fact, though she loved Vincent, his yammering on and on about how he wanted to get married and have six kids and see them all get married someday, too, and the beautiful circle of life blah blah blah, was making her rather uneasy. She subtly tried to convince Vincent to look beyond his family goals, suggesting there might be more to life (and, in the case of family size, less). Her incessant hinting must have eventually worked its way into Vincent's brain, because one day he woke up and said, "Of course! A circle of friends is like one BIG family! THAT'S what's really important! Someday I want to be surrounded by lots and lots and lots of best friends." It was a pretty ambitious goal for someone who wasn't particularly outgoing and, in fact, had no friends outside the Fredeschay family, but Vincent was just a guy who liked to dream big. Gabriella could only sigh and roll her eyes.


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