Sunday, October 02, 2005

A stranger's just a friend you haven't met

Vincent's new determination to make lots of friends-—or, heck, even just a few friends, seeing as he was kind of a wallflower-—was proving to be quite a task. He had taken to stopping random passersby outside the dorm if they looked like they'd be friendly, simply to try his hand at casual chatting. The first person he stopped for a meet-and-greet was a cheerful young woman named Lindsay Pai, who was, Vincent secretly thought, very attractive, although some tragedy seemed to have befallen her because she had absolutely no hair. Vincent tried not to bring it up after initially embarrassing himself by asking about her taste in hats.

He also got quite friendly with a nice-looking female nudist who happened by the dorm. She ran in hooting and hollering and making a scene, but once Vincent chatted her up, she was happy to lounge around making conversation and playing darts in the buff. Still, with all the work involved in keeping a straight-A average and his steadfast addiction to lounging around watching TV, Vincent found it hard to be the social butterfly he wanted to be. Just as well, as Gabriella might have been jealous of all the pretty (and occasionally naked) women that Vincent seemed to be hanging around with.


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