Sunday, October 02, 2005

Welcome home

After approximately seventeen years of college, Gabriella and Vincent were finally ready to bid Gwyneth and Galahad farewell and head back to Fredeschay with their diplomas in hand. They got out of the taxi and decided, right there on the front stoop in the middle of the night, to get married. Not really knowing what the sleeping arrangements were around the Manor these days, the happy couple commandeered the closest double bed and consummated the quickie marriage with, well, a quickie.

Things around Fredeschay Manor were as contentious as always. Gabriella's mother Fiona was living there with her partner Kay, an arrangement which had somehow angered the family's ageless patriarch, Captain CJ. Gabriella could only surmise that it was because Fiona had abandoned the Fredeschay name and taken Kay's surname, because, really, what else could it possibly be? At any rate, Fiona still seemed to have warm feelings for her great-grandfather, but he had nothing but contempt for both her and Kay. Again with the fun Fredeschay family dynamic. Perhaps the ghost of Tristen was somehow involved.


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