Sunday, October 02, 2005

When you aren't with the one you love...

Vincent's journey to the great beyond had understandably traumatized both him and Gabriella, and things between them just weren't the same after he came back from the dead. Now that he was a serious, energetic, tidy extrovert, Gabriella felt like she didn't know him very well anymore. Though estranged, they both stayed at Fredeschay Manor for the sake of their future child. One could hardly blame Fiona, then, for noticing one night in the hot tub that Vincent was really quite a hunky Sim.

Vincent, who had never realized how hot his mother-in-law was before either, was seeing Fiona in a new light as well. Soon the two were sneaking "alone time" together in the bathroom.

And, it wasn't long before Kay had to go off to work and the two lovebirds were relaxing on the bed upstairs, gazing into each other's eyes, moving close...and finally, after waiting so long...

...they jumped out of bed to run downstairs and watch Gabriella give birth to a beautiful baby boy.

Pondering an appropriate name, Gabriella racked her brain...should she choose a Native American name like Hahkethomemah? Or something in the old English tradition, like Haestingas, Haethowine, or Hagaleah...or Hagaward, meaning "keeper of the hedged enclosure"! It was perfect!

Ah, but wait: Captain CJ had finally gotten sick of the hours upon hours of hedge-trimming and the veritable grassland of weeds and, in a hayfever-induced fit of insanity, mowed down every flower and shrub on the property and replaced the immense front hedge wall with some well-placed trees.

So, Harry it was.


Blogger CJ said...

Umm... you didn't mention Hexadecimal

6:45 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Hexadecimal...DEFINITELY not in the old English tradition. :)

9:22 AM  

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