Friday, July 29, 2005

Meet the Parents

Eloise returned home to find the situation still as tense as ever. Her grandparents still had a serious hate on for Tristen, and frankly, Eloise wasn't bothered by that. The few phone calls she and her mother shared at school had ended badly and their own relationship was worse than ever. Tristen seemed oddly pleased when she found out that Eloise was dating Knut...oddly pleased. Since Grandpa CJ was still fitting in his evil suit, Eloise decided to fulfill her minor dream of being a doctor for a little while until she was really needed.

A few days later, Knut arrived with a new, more conservative haircut, though he was still sporting some bad boy stubble. "It's part of the new dress code, baby" he told Eloise, "I've joined the police academy." Ooooh, this could be a little awkward, she thought, what with the whole Fredeschay Fiends for World Domination thing and all. Well, let's jump off that bridge when we get to it Eloise shrugged and she got down on one knee and proposed. She then ran to spend some quality time with the toilet while Knut bonded with her family.


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