Monday, November 14, 2005

Baby, baby, baby!

Harry and Hermione have a double wedding at the Fredeschay Estate. Lydia was gorgeous in a lime satin dress and Parker wore his trademark shag. Several family friends and coworkers (as well as the ubiquitous Kay Bachmann) showed up to wish the couples well.

Eager to start their new families, both Lydia and Hermione soon find themselves pregnant.

Lydia gives birth first to a very lively red headed boy, which Harry promptly names Iago. Shortly thereafter, Hermione also gives birth to another little boy and names him Iggy after her favorite musician.

While staying at home during the pregnancy, Hermione had decided to give in and finally become a vampire. The want has been nagging her long enough and the time has come to get it done and over with (plus she really wants her own casket). So she talks to Captain CJ who is more than happy to oblige.

Beseiged by the same nagging want, Harry follows suit shortly thereafter, with a little help from his sister.

Unfortunately, neither Parker nor Lydia are happy with these changes, regardless of the fact that their better halves are still really good looking vampires. Parker seems to have taken it harder and decides to buy his own house for his growing family. And so the Knights move out of the Fredeschay Estate with little Iggy in tow.

Lydia may not be thrilled with the vampire situation, but she seems to like it just fine. Enough to find herself pregnant again with Harry's second child (Two down, four to go!). Iago grows into a toddler shortly before his brother Ike's birth and Lydia can't help but daydream about their weddings...

Sunday, November 13, 2005

And so it goes...

Harry's so called weirdness led him to befriend the local vampire families, whose members dropped by frequently at night (of course) to enjoy some much needed R&R at the Fredeschay estate.

Captain CJ, always the horndog, was intrigued by a pretty, grey skinned contessa with blonde hair and red eyes and turned on the charm immediately. The way he saw it, it was not cheating if Gabriella was asleep and the object of his affections was of a different species altogether.

What he didn't take into consideration, though, was the fact that not only the Contessa was not attracted to his slick ways, she also had a penchant for biting... with long - term consequences.

So there she was, lounging around in her red swimsuit (to match her glowing red eyes), when the mummy, er, Captain CJ came by once again and tried to goose her. Tired of his unwanted advances, the Contessa proceeded to mesmerize him with her purple glow of doom.

Harry walked in on them right as the biting was taking place but he figured it was best not to interrupt. The need to become a vampire had been persistently nagging at him day after day and he thought he'd see how things went for the old man before he caved in and indulged his little want.

The sun came out shortly after that and the Contessa flew home, not before telling Harry where he could purchase some quality caskets for the old man to sleep in.

Ever the practical sim, Harry had one delivered immediately (money talks...) and then went on about his regular business.

He had not heard from Brenda since graduating from college. Everytime he called her, she seemed to be too busy with some paper or the other. Bored after having reached the top of his career, Harry wants to have some fun. Surely all that money can get him some, right (Fun, that is)? So he decides to call the local matchmaker and get ready for a night out on the town.

The results are less than stellar.

Harry quickly sends his date back home without even asking her name.

Things seem to be going a lot better for the innocent Hermione. A surgeon at Fredeschay General who has yet to be kissed, Hermione likes to try out new things (that does not include PJs), and wonders why there's a casket in the Captain's bedroom. She has noticed he's quite ashen lately but it's not like he's dead or anything... right? Hermione tries out the casket and soon enough, she too, has a persistent want to become a vampire. However, she decides to take her brother's advice and wait and see how things go for him.

In the meantime, she seems to be spending more and more time with the really cute Parker Knight. Sure he's not the most active sim out there... but he is cute... and the first one to kiss Hermione. Ever.

Hermione is totally and completely in love. It seems Parker is too, and soon enough they have a quiet engagement party, where they both wear the most fancy schmancy attire they own.

Parker has let his hair grow since they last saw each other in college and now sports a sexy goatee. He even wants to be a medical chief of staff, just like her!! Hermione can't believe how lucky she is and cannot wait to be Mrs. Parker Knight. But will Parker be able to live in the wierd Fredescahy household with that old man that just won't die?

On the other hand, Harry is thrilled that things are going so well for his sister and wishes they would turn around for him, too. With Brenda still MIA, he calls up his friend Lydia and asks her out for coffee.

Harry and Lydia met briefly at a frat party a few years ago and had remaind friends ever since. Lydia attended all girl's schools all her life and was a bit too "outgoing" for Harry's taste. But now Harry is just crazy about Lydia's Princess Leia hairdo and she seems to have calmed down now and he's really enjoying her company. She seems to like him as well, dropping by several times a week.

They slow danced to the music in their heads one afternoon...

And then they kissed!

Boy, was Harry going to have a LOT of explaining to do if Brenda ever showed up! But... wait a minute... Brenda's not here, is she? And so the inevitable happens...

It seems like Harry's destiny is about to change.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Wrapping up loose ends

Hermione joined her older brother at LFT and the two of them moved in with their Aunt Gwyneth and Uncle Galahad. The two "elder" students were set to graduate very soon, so it wasn't long before it was just Harry and Hermione. School flew by and Harry graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Mathematics and the only skill he was not a complete expert at was Creativity. Within two days of being home, he remedied that and fulfilled his dream of becoming the Grawl's resident mad scientist. Although he did have a hot girlfriend in the form of Brenda Sims, Harry was content with his destiny of being weird, Uncle Harry, educator of future Fredeschay generations.

Gabriella and CJ were blissfully happy with one another, a fact not dampened when Gabriella turned into the hottest old lady in the Grawl. For some odd reason she sort of wanted a facelift but Captain CJ said "Baby, don't change a thing!"

Hermione finished off her senior year by completing all her required coursework in record time. This gave her plenty of opportunities to throw some raging parties. Although she had yet to be kissed, she did have several very good male friends. After one last Turkey N' Samba party, Hermione headed home with her well earned Physics degree in hand. She was well pleased to get a job as a surgeon at the Grawl Medical Center. Now she just needed to decide which of her three closest friends would move to the next level. Would it be Parker "Lazy Ass" Knight, granola hippie Zeeshan Reeves or her friend since teenhood, Ian Cormier? Only time would tell.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Once a horndog, always a horndog

Stately Fredeschay Manor. When the family was unable to move Vincent's urn to the graveyard because of the overgrowth of weeds, they decided to bridge the moat so the gardener could get in as well as create a separate alcove for Tristen's grave. Tristen's headstone spent one night on its secluded island and then mysteriously disappeared. The family reaction to the loss was underwhelming. The rest of the Fredschay ghosts took the opportunity to haunt like hell - and thus Hermoine met her grandfather Vincent I one night while snarfing down some pasta.

Gabriella, in the meantime, was desperate to win back CJ's affections. Her obsession now was not only to not die old and never married (guess the two times she married Vincent II didn't count) but to specifically marry CJ. Captain CJ was Captain CJ after all, so it wasn't long before he forgot all about that unpleasant jilting.

The two got married in their pajamas one day after Hermoine left for school. This time Gabriella initiated the vows, just to prove to CJ that she was serious this time. Hermione was nonplussed on her arrival from school, and she figured that there was no time like the present to join her brother at school. Because like, OMG senior citizen WooHoo? Ewwwww!

The Boy Who Joybuzzered

Harry wasted no time getting down to work when he arrived at the Cayon Dorms at LFT. His mother had tried to encourage him to be a little more fun loving, or at least get the hell off the chess board once in a while. It hadn't worked, Harry was as much of a humorless boor as ever but he wanted to make his mother happy. When uber playful Reed Patch showed up at the dorm trying to rouse everyone in a school cheer, Harry decided to give joie de vivre a try and hit Reed with the old Joybuzzer trick.

As expected, Harry's lack of natural ability was more than evident. Oh, it was ugly. Reed, despite being the King of the Joybuzzer did not appreciate the tables being turned. He poked Harry in the chest and called him an assortment of rude names. Harry wasn't about to take that lying down and shoved the llama suited punk. The resulting fight left Harry with a lighting bolt shaped scar over his right eyebrow and a renewed resolve that playfulness sucked.

Friday, October 14, 2005

As the Grawl Turns

After the death of his father, Harry decided to postpone his admission to college until his sister became a teenager. But his reasons weren't purely altruistic, the extra time would allow him to really start skilling in earnest. Captain CJ was more than happy to pass on his knowledge of making the perfect chocolate truffle and the best club to use when putting from a distance. Harry's natural aptitude in so many differet discplines attracted the eye of the local headmaster and soon Harry and his sister were students at Grawl Country Day School.

Gabriella was faring less well. Becoming a widow for the second time, from the same man took its toll. One day at work she fumbled a critical citizen defense manuever and was unceremoniously dumped as Captain Hero. It didn't matter, the job couldn't fill the empty hole in her life and she desperately wanted to get married again. Her two biggest fears were losing the little love she had left for CJ and being old and unmarried. At first she though maybe she'd cozy up to Ian Cormier, the handsome young man who walked by their house on occasion but Gabriella realized she just wasn't going to have time to build up their relationship before she aged. In desperation, she proposed to CJ who gladly accepted.

Then something strange happened. Gabriella panicked, what would happen if she married her great-great grandfather? Would there be some kind of repercussions? Would the Grawl Board object and revoke their colonization license? So, despite being the one who wanted it all along, Gabriella refused CJ when the time came to say "I do". That was it, the fragile love was gone, in fact as far as CJ was concerned, he didn't even KNOW Gabriella anymore.

Hermoine, completely oblivious to the drama swirling around her happily turned into a gorgeous teenager. A childhood spent watching her family die, come back to life and die again made her determined to become the best doctor in the Grawl. Harry was very proud of her and felt this was the best time for him to be off to college.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Death for the Win!

It started out as such a good day at stately Fredeschay manor. Gabriella returned from work after achieving her final promotion and was awash with joy. Harry was doing extremely well in school and it was Hermione's birthday. No one felt like throwing a party, so just the immediate family and Vincent's buddy Randy Ng from work cheered on the tot as she blasted into a well-skilled child.

The party also served to push Vincent and Randy's friendship over the edge and they became best friends. In fact, Randy was Vincent's tenth best friend! It was as if this day couldn't get any better, Vincent thought joyously. He was so flush with success that he thought he'd just fix that trash compactor that everyone had been neglecting. Maybe it was too much cake, or perhaps his happiness distracted him but despite having a bit of experience with mechanics, Vincent fried like Colonel Sanders. Everyone was distressed, particularly Randy, who just stood there horrified, ankle deep in refuse.

Vincent hadn't used up all his lives yet. He survived charred, but without even wetting his pants. He excused himself from his guests and went upstairs to take a quick nap so he could make it through a shower before collapsing. Before he could make it however, Knut decided what was good for Eloise was good for him and made with the Ooga Booga!

Death, a bit rancorous from his previous failed attempts to collect a fresh Fredeschay soul, was beside himself with glee to find Vincent curled up in a stinking fetal heap. Gabriella had already hit the sack and Captain CJ was too busy whining that Vincent's fetid corpse was in his way, so Death faced no resistance adding to his Vincent collection.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Could this be normalcy?

It wasn't long before Gabriella discovered the reason for her sudden collapse. She was pregnant again with Vincent's child. Captain CJ was still completely oblivious to Vincent and Gabriella's affair and didn't seem to question the appearance of a new baby. Gabriella gave birth to a girl, whom they named, what else, Hermione. The child had a sparkling 10/6/4/9/6 personality. Gabriella was so happy to have her family complete and perfect again.

Gabriella spent a few days teaching Hermione the basics of life, then decided to get a job in law enforcement. She knew that the only thing that could make her happier than her family was to protect and serve her "family" of Grawl citizens! Captain CJ came out of his meditative state long enough to whip Gabriella into shape.

Ever cautious of being found out, Gabriella and Vincent got married in a furtive ceremony in the downstairs bathroom. The only witness to the event was Brittany Parker - who for once in her life wasn't being annoying.

With the arrival of his more personable sister, the pressure was off newly teenaged Harry somewhat. This made him extremely pleased because it meant he could focus on the serious pursuit of knowledge. He could play chess as long as he wanted without his parents prodding him to "just get outside once in a while."