Sunday, July 31, 2005

Let the games begin!

Frustrated by the failure of her graduation party scheme, Fiona moves to Plan B.

Plan B: Invite each of her boyfriends over for various WooHoo activities in order to observe them in a domestic setting (hey, she was a pyschology major after all)

First up: Carl Tang
Accepts WooHoo? Check. Hrm, not keen on the choice of underwear. Still slurps at the table, but no farting although he does not clear his own dish. Bathhroom habits, good. First stop after taking care of needs - TV. May be a tad on the inactive side. Public WooHoo? Check. Hot Tub WooHoo? Check.

Next Subject: Vincent Kim

Accepts WooHoo? Check. Not bad underwear. Hot Tub WooHoo? Check. Oh my - new hairdo while in swim trunks. Mmmm, nice. Eats first few bites neatly before beginning to slurp, that means middle of the road neatness. Shakes hands with Captain CJ on departure - a nice touch. Public WooHoo? Check (but dude, the do rag has got to go)

Final Subject: Parker Knight

Shows up in graduation gown, at least it covers the bowl cut. Accepts WooHoo? Check. Never did sit down to eat, but flushes toilet spontaneously so that lends itself to neatness. HotTub WooHoo? Check. Suspiciously lazy twirl when changing back into street clothes. Subject not tested for Public WooHoo due to potential laziness.

Fiona analyzed all her data until late into the evening, finally she had to sleep before she dropped from exhaustion. She awoke a few hours later in a cold sweat thinking that nothing would scare her more than getting engaged to Parker or Carl! Strangely, her only other fear was that someone would reject her for public woohoo.

So the winner is:

Vincent Kim!

Announcer Voice-Over: Vincent Kim is a 5/3/7/3/7 Knowledge Sim with a degree in Drama. His ambitions include getting a job in the medical field and maxing out seven skills. Congratulations, Vincent!

Decision Time

Alumni weekend, senior year. Fiona decides to throw a party, but then realizes her class schedule has changed and she had to abandon her guests right at the start. Eloise and Knut have stopped by the old dorm to relive some of their memories and end up making out in the middle of the common room. Apparently all of Fiona's friends think this is totally hot, because the party is a blow out, despite the absence of their hostess.

Fiona has other things to worry about. She's the only heir to the Fredeschay Empire and she knows the family is going to expect her to settle down. She has three suitors, each with their own...ahem...talents, and it's going to be hard to choose. After her final class of the semester she plans a graduation party. Her motive: The first guy to put the moves on her is the winner.

The contenders:

Vincent Kim: Hot, her first true love and so far the only one she's actually gone all the way with. He occasionally slurps his mac and cheese, but doesn't fart at the table. He's a bit serious, preferring to sit down at the chess table.

Parker Knight: Gorgeous green eyes and when he loses the bowl cut - Shazzam!. Good kisser, but bound to be a lazy ass given his tendancy to slouch around while waiting. She's known him the longest and he's friends with members of her family already

Carl Tang: The late entry. Hot and blonde, which is a plus because there's been a long line of black hair and redheads. Sometimes slurps, but flushes the toilet after use. Not slouchy at all, but prefers activities like watching TV.

The plan doesn't pan out though and none of the boys tries anything. Vincent, however is the one to pose with Fiona in her graduation picture after the party so...we shall see.

Fiona gets around

Things were heating up between Fiona and Vincent. One night he rented a double bed and invited Fiona to come take a look. Ignoring the fact that for some reason the bed had been placed in her best friend Allyn's room, Fiona figured she'd give it a test drive. Afterwards, she looked around and noticed some familiar posters on the wall, Why this had been her father's room when he was in college and likely where she'd been conceived! Awwww, Vincent was such a romantic.

But life at college wasn't all WooHoo and Moonbeams. Fiona had an enemy in the form of that irritating cheerleader, Kay Bachman. She was always running in with her stupid pleated skirt and her Gooo Gerbits. She was even copying Fiona's hairdo. The final straw was when she pranked Vincent and made him cry. Oh no, you din't, bitch! Fiona read Kay the riot act, making her cry and flee the dorm.

Despire her feelings towards Vincent, Fiona still wanted to experiment a little. She was still stringing along Parker Knight who really was a good kisser. If only he'd stop slouching. There had to be someone else, but not someone who lived in the dorm lest that cause complications. Fiona's solution came in the form of Llama Mascot Lee Patch. Yeah, he'd do and no worries about any entanglements - I mean he wears a costume for Anne's sake.

The dilemma still remained, Vincent or Parker. Fiona decided to go to the gym and see if working out would help bring her some clarity. What the gym did was bring her clearly into the sights of Carl Tang. Helloooo sailor!

And then there were three

Back at stately Fredeschay manor, Dervish was nearing the end of his life. He was completely at peace with that fact, given that he had recently earned his one hundred thousandth Simoleon, fulfilling his lifelong ambition. Plus, he and his father had reconciled since he'd aged and the two were the best of friends now. Dervish spent his last morning shooting some pool with the "old man".

When Eloise and Knut came home from work, he prepared a delicious supper of hamburgers (always his favorite) and the four shared a pleasant final meal. There was a little awkward spot when Eloise started discussing her latest crime and Knut, still in his Captain Hero uniform, was a little tense, but soon the moment passed.

And so did Dervish. Good night sweet prince: And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Paging Mr. Gacy, Mr. John Wayne Gacy

Fiona moved into her mom's old dorm at La Fiesta tech and was surprised to find some familar faces. There was Blake "The Sucker" Hamilton and LaShanda "BigNose" Carr. Plus, Eloise's paintings were still on the wall, really making Fiona feel at home. Her friend Parker Knight came by to make sure she was getting settled nicely. Fiona always thought there was something more to Parker than his bowl cut, so she decided to flirt with him a little.

Then some new students started moving into the dorm and oh my, who is that hottie under the do-rag? Fiona wasted no time greeting Vincent Kim (who despite his surname was not in the least bit Asian). They chatted for a while but Fiona was interrupted by the phone, it was Parker. "Well...I'm a little busy..." Parker may have given Fiona her first kiss but he always had that lazy slouch. Still, it wouldn't hurt to keep him on the line, never can have too many guys calling.

Fiona kept up with her schoolwork, choosing a psychology major since La Fiesta Tech didn't offer Culinary Arts. Things with Vincent were going well too, she suspected he might have a crush on her. Some people from back home would call too, the most frequent being Marsha Bruenig. Marsha had come home from school with Fiona a couple times but Fiona never really befriended her. Still, every night Marsha would call...and call.

It started getting annoying. Everytime Fiona finally got her schedule in sync with Vincent *ringring* Fiona tried pre-empting Marsha and calling her first, but no sooner would she hang up the phone then Marsha would call back, whining about how Fiona didn't spend enough time with her. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! I'll fix that little pre-teen stalker, thought Fiona.

The next time Marsha called Fiona was sweet as pie. "Ohhh Marsha, hiii. No I haven't been abducted by aliens. In fact I was just going to call you. Let's hang out, I know this great place with a pool and everything. No, no need to come by the dorm, I'll meet you there, here are the directions..."

Mr & Mrs Smith

All the mopping paid off, and the very next day Knut was promoted to Captain Hero. Unfortunately, that meant he could no longer ignore Eloise's nightime activities. Still, their conflicting work schedules meant he never actually had to fight her directly. At least that's what he prayed every morning.

After a while they settled into a nice routine, despite being on oppsite sides of the law. It went a little something like this:

Hi baby, have a good, I mean bad, night?

Of course. I released a proto-toxin into the water supply of Regulus 5!

Ah shit, I guess I know what I'm doing today. I might be late for dinner - make sure Fiona does her homework.


Speaking of Fiona, she had grown into a lovely teenager with her grandmother Tristen's penchant for passion...but that passion seemed to be channeled towards cooking. She would constantyly beg Captain C.J. for just one more hour training on the Chokolade machine. (not that he minded, in fact he rather enjoyed his little sessions in the energizer judging by the look of rapture on his face). Finally she broke down and confessed - she wanted to be a Celebrity Chef - because everyone knows the fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Plus, Iron Chef Grawl was a hottie.

One day Fiona brought a friend home from school. She wasn't sure what his real name was but all the kids at school called him UTIT (ugliest teen in town) and word was he had an older brother at some Off-Grawl Univeristy. He was a nice enough guy, and Fiona wanted to be friends with him - but alas it was time to head off to college.

Tristen's Revenge

Since no one really gave a crap about Tristen, no one mourned her, so it was only a matter of time before she started haunting the Fredeschays. Oh yes, she would make them pay for their shitty treatment of her when she was alive. Her vengence was wet and terrible - both floors of the house were flooded with her liquid wrath.

But even in death, Tristen couldn't catch a break. Knut was delighted by all the mopping that needed to be done. By the time he was finished he had earned two cleaning points and was well positioned to become Fredeschay's next Captain Hero!

Death cleans house

Just when the family thought all was well, Tristen tried to fix the TV again. No matter how much Dervish begged her to just let him call a repair man (Dervish loved calling repair people - it gave him a sort of high) she wanted to prove her worth. One screwdriver in a redonculator later and Tristen was electrified. Eloise was slightly distressed at the event, but Brandi, ever the bitch simply pointed and laughed.

Once again Tristen survived her little mishap, but it seemed fate conspired against her. She was toiling away at her job as a soil identifier, often returning home exhausted and badly in need of a shower. On one such occasion, Dervish suggested the two of them take a nice bubble bath together and head to bed. Tristen agreed, but first she wanted to take "one last swim" before bed. Tragically, Tristen was so tired she fell passed out almost as soon as she hit the water and before anyone could react she sank like a stone to the bottom of the pool.

But you know, life goes on.

Knut was working hard on getting that next promotion. His body was ripped to studly perfection and hours of playing chess with his in-laws had certainly made him logically inclined. All that remained was brushing up on his cleaning skills. The only one home or awake was Brandi, so he thought he'd ask her what she knew. [I can hear Rachel screaming "Nooooooo!!!" from here] Knut didn't know if it was the sunspots or the way Brandi held the fingerprint scanner, but suddenly he felt a rush of attraction. Apparently Brandi felt the same way because she kissed him tenderly. This was so wrong (but it feels so right)! Knut thought, and he immediately picked a fight with Brandi and she picked one right back. He tried a prank, hoping to piss her off even more, but it turned out Brandi had a sick sense of humor and thought the joy buzzer was the funniest thing she ever saw. Ooooh crap. The two vowed to stay away from each other from now on.

They didn't have long to worry though. Brandi was getting on in years and died a few days later. Poor Captain CJ was devestated - but just the memory of becoming a Criminal Mastermind was enough to keep him in a good mood, despite his sorrow.

[Anne: Yes, I forgot the stupid fingerprint scanner bug (in my defense I had been Simming for like 4 hours at that point). Their daily relationship was just high enough to develop a crush. Thankfully, time took care of that problem before it got any worse]

Generation 4

Dervish spent several months at the Federated Intergalactic Center for Facelift Malfunctions. He was at last able to take the bandages off and greet his new grandchild Fiona without scaring the baby into years of therapy with Dr. Simshrink. Rumor had it Dervish had his jaw touched up a little as long as he was being reconstructed, but he denied it.

Fiona was a happy enough toddler with a sparkling 10/8/6/4/7 personality. She loved to while away her days playing with her learning toys, often with Captain CJ at her side. In fact, CJ enjoyed being a doting great-grandfather so much he decided it was time to turn the reins of the Fredeschay Fiends to Eloise. It was a proud day when she donned her mom's old Evil Overlady jumpsuit. So proud that Eloise realized she would never be unhappy again!

Knut, who had worked his way up to the Vice Squad, looked the other way and never asked where his wife was going some evenings. In his mind he decided that Eloise was simply a Grawl Trek enthusiast and was spending all those late hours at conventions attending panel discussions such as "Just what was the combination of the lock in episode 326 and how did it affect the Crimonlian Empire?"

Little Fiona was growing fast, and soon was ready for school. Captain CJ phoned his old friend BJ and used his connections to get Fiona into private school.

[Anne: I'm not sure what happened when Fiona grew into a child - it's like she sprouted out of Knut's chest.]

Friday, July 29, 2005

A lovely wedding and an about face

Knut had always been a friend of Tristen and it pained him to see her so unhappy. He hoped that his wedding to Eloise would help heal the pain of the family. They decided to do things up right, no hasty vows by the mailbox for them - no they would have the wedding arch, a cake and the whole nine yards! All their college friends came, and if they happened to notice a bump under the midsection of Eloise's gown, they politely said nothing.

Much to the happy couple's relief, there were no fisticuffs and everyone remained civil. As they were cutting the cake, Dervish suddenly realized it was his birthday, but he quietly aged in the back row so as to not drawn attention away from his daughter's big day (but couldn't resist the little shower of confetti).

After the ceremony, the party kicked into high gear and Tristen, desperate for someone to talk to that wouldn't then spit in her face chatted with as many of Eloise's friends as possible. Eloise ended up begging off the honeymoon because she "had a stomache" so Knut went to the Fredeschay Spaceport by himself for the evening. Hanging out with college students got Tristen feeling young and vital again, so when she saw that Dervish had made his transition into old age, she convinced him to try a facelift as well. He had actually been secretly wanting one, so he agreed readily.

It did not go well.

Jerr-y! Jerr-y! Jerr-y!

Meanwhile, Tristen's bids for attention were getting more and more dangerous. She'd spend hours watching the clouds, until she was at the brink of starvation, then she'd set the stove on fire while cooking just so some hot fireman would come and accept her flirtatious advances.

To make things even worse, CJ had apparently decided to forgive Dervish for whatever imagined slight was causing the familial rift. The two spent hours playing pool and chatting it up. One evening, Captain CJ broke down and hugged his eldest son, determined to put aside their differences.

All the stress finally got to Tristen, and she began showing her age. I mean really showing her age. Hag, was the term most often muttered by Brandi, often with a malicious giggle. It's no wonder Tristen rushed off to get a face lift at the first opportunity.

It wasn't only Brandi. Captain CJ was becoming less and less subtle with his abuses as he got older. He would sometimes just up and shove Tristen for no reason, even when she hadn't been near Dervish all day. It was a bitter, bitter life. What the family needed was a happy event.

Meet the Parents

Eloise returned home to find the situation still as tense as ever. Her grandparents still had a serious hate on for Tristen, and frankly, Eloise wasn't bothered by that. The few phone calls she and her mother shared at school had ended badly and their own relationship was worse than ever. Tristen seemed oddly pleased when she found out that Eloise was dating Knut...oddly pleased. Since Grandpa CJ was still fitting in his evil suit, Eloise decided to fulfill her minor dream of being a doctor for a little while until she was really needed.

A few days later, Knut arrived with a new, more conservative haircut, though he was still sporting some bad boy stubble. "It's part of the new dress code, baby" he told Eloise, "I've joined the police academy." Ooooh, this could be a little awkward, she thought, what with the whole Fredeschay Fiends for World Domination thing and all. Well, let's jump off that bridge when we get to it Eloise shrugged and she got down on one knee and proposed. She then ran to spend some quality time with the toilet while Knut bonded with her family.