Saturday, July 30, 2005

Generation 4

Dervish spent several months at the Federated Intergalactic Center for Facelift Malfunctions. He was at last able to take the bandages off and greet his new grandchild Fiona without scaring the baby into years of therapy with Dr. Simshrink. Rumor had it Dervish had his jaw touched up a little as long as he was being reconstructed, but he denied it.

Fiona was a happy enough toddler with a sparkling 10/8/6/4/7 personality. She loved to while away her days playing with her learning toys, often with Captain CJ at her side. In fact, CJ enjoyed being a doting great-grandfather so much he decided it was time to turn the reins of the Fredeschay Fiends to Eloise. It was a proud day when she donned her mom's old Evil Overlady jumpsuit. So proud that Eloise realized she would never be unhappy again!

Knut, who had worked his way up to the Vice Squad, looked the other way and never asked where his wife was going some evenings. In his mind he decided that Eloise was simply a Grawl Trek enthusiast and was spending all those late hours at conventions attending panel discussions such as "Just what was the combination of the lock in episode 326 and how did it affect the Crimonlian Empire?"

Little Fiona was growing fast, and soon was ready for school. Captain CJ phoned his old friend BJ and used his connections to get Fiona into private school.

[Anne: I'm not sure what happened when Fiona grew into a child - it's like she sprouted out of Knut's chest.]


Blogger Rachel said...

That's very...Zeus and Athena.

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Blogger Chris said...

LOL to Rachel

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