Friday, July 29, 2005

A lovely wedding and an about face

Knut had always been a friend of Tristen and it pained him to see her so unhappy. He hoped that his wedding to Eloise would help heal the pain of the family. They decided to do things up right, no hasty vows by the mailbox for them - no they would have the wedding arch, a cake and the whole nine yards! All their college friends came, and if they happened to notice a bump under the midsection of Eloise's gown, they politely said nothing.

Much to the happy couple's relief, there were no fisticuffs and everyone remained civil. As they were cutting the cake, Dervish suddenly realized it was his birthday, but he quietly aged in the back row so as to not drawn attention away from his daughter's big day (but couldn't resist the little shower of confetti).

After the ceremony, the party kicked into high gear and Tristen, desperate for someone to talk to that wouldn't then spit in her face chatted with as many of Eloise's friends as possible. Eloise ended up begging off the honeymoon because she "had a stomache" so Knut went to the Fredeschay Spaceport by himself for the evening. Hanging out with college students got Tristen feeling young and vital again, so when she saw that Dervish had made his transition into old age, she convinced him to try a facelift as well. He had actually been secretly wanting one, so he agreed readily.

It did not go well.


Blogger Chris said...

Okay my dear... YOU have had a very, very long day.

Welcome home to addiction!

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