Friday, July 29, 2005

Jerr-y! Jerr-y! Jerr-y!

Meanwhile, Tristen's bids for attention were getting more and more dangerous. She'd spend hours watching the clouds, until she was at the brink of starvation, then she'd set the stove on fire while cooking just so some hot fireman would come and accept her flirtatious advances.

To make things even worse, CJ had apparently decided to forgive Dervish for whatever imagined slight was causing the familial rift. The two spent hours playing pool and chatting it up. One evening, Captain CJ broke down and hugged his eldest son, determined to put aside their differences.

All the stress finally got to Tristen, and she began showing her age. I mean really showing her age. Hag, was the term most often muttered by Brandi, often with a malicious giggle. It's no wonder Tristen rushed off to get a face lift at the first opportunity.

It wasn't only Brandi. Captain CJ was becoming less and less subtle with his abuses as he got older. He would sometimes just up and shove Tristen for no reason, even when she hadn't been near Dervish all day. It was a bitter, bitter life. What the family needed was a happy event.


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