Friday, October 14, 2005

As the Grawl Turns

After the death of his father, Harry decided to postpone his admission to college until his sister became a teenager. But his reasons weren't purely altruistic, the extra time would allow him to really start skilling in earnest. Captain CJ was more than happy to pass on his knowledge of making the perfect chocolate truffle and the best club to use when putting from a distance. Harry's natural aptitude in so many differet discplines attracted the eye of the local headmaster and soon Harry and his sister were students at Grawl Country Day School.

Gabriella was faring less well. Becoming a widow for the second time, from the same man took its toll. One day at work she fumbled a critical citizen defense manuever and was unceremoniously dumped as Captain Hero. It didn't matter, the job couldn't fill the empty hole in her life and she desperately wanted to get married again. Her two biggest fears were losing the little love she had left for CJ and being old and unmarried. At first she though maybe she'd cozy up to Ian Cormier, the handsome young man who walked by their house on occasion but Gabriella realized she just wasn't going to have time to build up their relationship before she aged. In desperation, she proposed to CJ who gladly accepted.

Then something strange happened. Gabriella panicked, what would happen if she married her great-great grandfather? Would there be some kind of repercussions? Would the Grawl Board object and revoke their colonization license? So, despite being the one who wanted it all along, Gabriella refused CJ when the time came to say "I do". That was it, the fragile love was gone, in fact as far as CJ was concerned, he didn't even KNOW Gabriella anymore.

Hermoine, completely oblivious to the drama swirling around her happily turned into a gorgeous teenager. A childhood spent watching her family die, come back to life and die again made her determined to become the best doctor in the Grawl. Harry was very proud of her and felt this was the best time for him to be off to college.


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