Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Tale of Two Vincents

It all started with a sweater. Fiona came home with it one day after a trip to the Fredeschay Supply Company. Vincent thought it a bit odd as Fiona knew he preferred the more urban chic look of a leather coat, but the gesture was sweet so he started wearing it around the house. Then Fiona suggested he stop wearing his contact lenses. His glasses made him look so much sexier, she purred. Vincent again agreed. But he started getting suspicious when she brought home a clip on pontytail. Your hair would look so much better long, and this way we don't have to wait for it to grow.. Reluctantly he clipped it on, and was about to comply with Fiona's wish that he shave off his goatee when he happened to pass Gabriella on his way to the bathroom.

Oh my ANNE! she gasped. If you had a tan you'd look just like my FATHER!

Ohhhh, it all became crystal clear to Vincent (who was still a little slow from his last near death experience). That explained the appointment tomorrow at Grawl Tan! Fiona was trying to remake Vincent in Vincent's image! She didn't love him at all - she just wanted a Vincent surrogate. Vincent seethed in anger - he had given up his lovely young wife, broken his home for this woman and here was his repayment! He would make her pay.

The entire next evening, Vincent worked furtively in the yard, not coming to bed until nearly dawn. Then he sat and waited for Fiona to wake up. "Darling, you have got to see the fabulous Halloween decorations I put up. We're going to win the Grawl decorating contest this year for sure!". He led her out to the backyard where a large, sinister looking inflatable Jack O' Lantern sat beside a long forgotten walled garden. Fiona was delighted by it Oh! And look at that cunning creepy plant - you really went all out Vincent. And thus, Fiona was finally with her one true Vincent, just as she had always wanted.


Blogger CJ said...

Sigh... I love how this whole family has progressed. We're a bunch of sickos. :-)

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