Sunday, July 31, 2005

Let the games begin!

Frustrated by the failure of her graduation party scheme, Fiona moves to Plan B.

Plan B: Invite each of her boyfriends over for various WooHoo activities in order to observe them in a domestic setting (hey, she was a pyschology major after all)

First up: Carl Tang
Accepts WooHoo? Check. Hrm, not keen on the choice of underwear. Still slurps at the table, but no farting although he does not clear his own dish. Bathhroom habits, good. First stop after taking care of needs - TV. May be a tad on the inactive side. Public WooHoo? Check. Hot Tub WooHoo? Check.

Next Subject: Vincent Kim

Accepts WooHoo? Check. Not bad underwear. Hot Tub WooHoo? Check. Oh my - new hairdo while in swim trunks. Mmmm, nice. Eats first few bites neatly before beginning to slurp, that means middle of the road neatness. Shakes hands with Captain CJ on departure - a nice touch. Public WooHoo? Check (but dude, the do rag has got to go)

Final Subject: Parker Knight

Shows up in graduation gown, at least it covers the bowl cut. Accepts WooHoo? Check. Never did sit down to eat, but flushes toilet spontaneously so that lends itself to neatness. HotTub WooHoo? Check. Suspiciously lazy twirl when changing back into street clothes. Subject not tested for Public WooHoo due to potential laziness.

Fiona analyzed all her data until late into the evening, finally she had to sleep before she dropped from exhaustion. She awoke a few hours later in a cold sweat thinking that nothing would scare her more than getting engaged to Parker or Carl! Strangely, her only other fear was that someone would reject her for public woohoo.

So the winner is:

Vincent Kim!

Announcer Voice-Over: Vincent Kim is a 5/3/7/3/7 Knowledge Sim with a degree in Drama. His ambitions include getting a job in the medical field and maxing out seven skills. Congratulations, Vincent!


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