Saturday, July 30, 2005

Death cleans house

Just when the family thought all was well, Tristen tried to fix the TV again. No matter how much Dervish begged her to just let him call a repair man (Dervish loved calling repair people - it gave him a sort of high) she wanted to prove her worth. One screwdriver in a redonculator later and Tristen was electrified. Eloise was slightly distressed at the event, but Brandi, ever the bitch simply pointed and laughed.

Once again Tristen survived her little mishap, but it seemed fate conspired against her. She was toiling away at her job as a soil identifier, often returning home exhausted and badly in need of a shower. On one such occasion, Dervish suggested the two of them take a nice bubble bath together and head to bed. Tristen agreed, but first she wanted to take "one last swim" before bed. Tragically, Tristen was so tired she fell passed out almost as soon as she hit the water and before anyone could react she sank like a stone to the bottom of the pool.

But you know, life goes on.

Knut was working hard on getting that next promotion. His body was ripped to studly perfection and hours of playing chess with his in-laws had certainly made him logically inclined. All that remained was brushing up on his cleaning skills. The only one home or awake was Brandi, so he thought he'd ask her what she knew. [I can hear Rachel screaming "Nooooooo!!!" from here] Knut didn't know if it was the sunspots or the way Brandi held the fingerprint scanner, but suddenly he felt a rush of attraction. Apparently Brandi felt the same way because she kissed him tenderly. This was so wrong (but it feels so right)! Knut thought, and he immediately picked a fight with Brandi and she picked one right back. He tried a prank, hoping to piss her off even more, but it turned out Brandi had a sick sense of humor and thought the joy buzzer was the funniest thing she ever saw. Ooooh crap. The two vowed to stay away from each other from now on.

They didn't have long to worry though. Brandi was getting on in years and died a few days later. Poor Captain CJ was devestated - but just the memory of becoming a Criminal Mastermind was enough to keep him in a good mood, despite his sorrow.

[Anne: Yes, I forgot the stupid fingerprint scanner bug (in my defense I had been Simming for like 4 hours at that point). Their daily relationship was just high enough to develop a crush. Thankfully, time took care of that problem before it got any worse]


Blogger Chris said...

Sigh... I hate to see Brandi go. But then again, she was never a bitch when I was dealing with her. Rachel clearly took pains to scar her.

6:45 PM  
Blogger Anne said...

It was that Tristen, she caused all the trouble in the family!

11:18 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Actually I pretty much ignored Brandi. She was permanently platinum, what more is there to do? All her bitchery was purely autonomous!

8:07 AM  
Blogger Anne said...

Much like Captain CJ. Every so often I'd see a Tristen shaped bubble over his head, pan over and find him pushing her around.

11:18 AM  

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