Sunday, July 31, 2005

Decision Time

Alumni weekend, senior year. Fiona decides to throw a party, but then realizes her class schedule has changed and she had to abandon her guests right at the start. Eloise and Knut have stopped by the old dorm to relive some of their memories and end up making out in the middle of the common room. Apparently all of Fiona's friends think this is totally hot, because the party is a blow out, despite the absence of their hostess.

Fiona has other things to worry about. She's the only heir to the Fredeschay Empire and she knows the family is going to expect her to settle down. She has three suitors, each with their own...ahem...talents, and it's going to be hard to choose. After her final class of the semester she plans a graduation party. Her motive: The first guy to put the moves on her is the winner.

The contenders:

Vincent Kim: Hot, her first true love and so far the only one she's actually gone all the way with. He occasionally slurps his mac and cheese, but doesn't fart at the table. He's a bit serious, preferring to sit down at the chess table.

Parker Knight: Gorgeous green eyes and when he loses the bowl cut - Shazzam!. Good kisser, but bound to be a lazy ass given his tendancy to slouch around while waiting. She's known him the longest and he's friends with members of her family already

Carl Tang: The late entry. Hot and blonde, which is a plus because there's been a long line of black hair and redheads. Sometimes slurps, but flushes the toilet after use. Not slouchy at all, but prefers activities like watching TV.

The plan doesn't pan out though and none of the boys tries anything. Vincent, however is the one to pose with Fiona in her graduation picture after the party so...we shall see.


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Ack! You can't leave it hanging like that!!!!!! I mean really!

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