Sunday, July 31, 2005

Fiona gets around

Things were heating up between Fiona and Vincent. One night he rented a double bed and invited Fiona to come take a look. Ignoring the fact that for some reason the bed had been placed in her best friend Allyn's room, Fiona figured she'd give it a test drive. Afterwards, she looked around and noticed some familiar posters on the wall, Why this had been her father's room when he was in college and likely where she'd been conceived! Awwww, Vincent was such a romantic.

But life at college wasn't all WooHoo and Moonbeams. Fiona had an enemy in the form of that irritating cheerleader, Kay Bachman. She was always running in with her stupid pleated skirt and her Gooo Gerbits. She was even copying Fiona's hairdo. The final straw was when she pranked Vincent and made him cry. Oh no, you din't, bitch! Fiona read Kay the riot act, making her cry and flee the dorm.

Despire her feelings towards Vincent, Fiona still wanted to experiment a little. She was still stringing along Parker Knight who really was a good kisser. If only he'd stop slouching. There had to be someone else, but not someone who lived in the dorm lest that cause complications. Fiona's solution came in the form of Llama Mascot Lee Patch. Yeah, he'd do and no worries about any entanglements - I mean he wears a costume for Anne's sake.

The dilemma still remained, Vincent or Parker. Fiona decided to go to the gym and see if working out would help bring her some clarity. What the gym did was bring her clearly into the sights of Carl Tang. Helloooo sailor!


Blogger Chris said...

OH MY! Carl definitely needs to contribute to the gene pool. I can hear Rachel "ooh-ing and ah-ing" from here.

6:54 PM  

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