Friday, October 07, 2005

Could this be normalcy?

It wasn't long before Gabriella discovered the reason for her sudden collapse. She was pregnant again with Vincent's child. Captain CJ was still completely oblivious to Vincent and Gabriella's affair and didn't seem to question the appearance of a new baby. Gabriella gave birth to a girl, whom they named, what else, Hermione. The child had a sparkling 10/6/4/9/6 personality. Gabriella was so happy to have her family complete and perfect again.

Gabriella spent a few days teaching Hermione the basics of life, then decided to get a job in law enforcement. She knew that the only thing that could make her happier than her family was to protect and serve her "family" of Grawl citizens! Captain CJ came out of his meditative state long enough to whip Gabriella into shape.

Ever cautious of being found out, Gabriella and Vincent got married in a furtive ceremony in the downstairs bathroom. The only witness to the event was Brittany Parker - who for once in her life wasn't being annoying.

With the arrival of his more personable sister, the pressure was off newly teenaged Harry somewhat. This made him extremely pleased because it meant he could focus on the serious pursuit of knowledge. He could play chess as long as he wanted without his parents prodding him to "just get outside once in a while."


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