Thursday, October 06, 2005

Death on speed dial

When Captain CJ finished his daily meditation, he didn't seem to notice that Gabriella was sleeping in the middle of the day or that Vincent was wandering around in his underwear. He was so blissfully ignorant that he gladly agreed to give the younger man some cooking lessons.

But things were not all rosy for Gabriella. Apparently her little romp with Vincent took more out of her than she expected and when she went to get up, she promptly collapsed into an exanimate heap on the floor. Vincent, who was just stepping out of the shower, had this odd urge to start weeping so he rushed upstairs to see the spectral image of his old nemesis the Grim Reaper floating in. Not for nothing had Vincent died and come back to life twice, he made short work of guessing in what bony hand Grim was hiding Gabriella's immortal soul. Mr. Death had no choice but to give up yet another Fredeschay.


Blogger Rachel said...

At this rate, Grim ought to start leaving a change of clothes in the dresser. Fredeschay Manor: Death's Home Away From Home!

9:45 PM  
Blogger CJ said...

Exanimate? :-P

6:54 PM  

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