Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Who's Yer daddy?!?!

Galahad grows into a handsome little boy and the mystery of his origins continues, although sometimes when Eloise looks at him, she sees a resemblance here and there. Could it be...? No... That's impossible. In any case, she doesn't care, because Galahad is the most adorable little boy ever. With all the tutoring and studying he's been exposed to, he is soon enrolled in private school with his older sisters, where he proves himself smart and athletic, and makes many friends.

Captain CJ, Knut, Eloise and Fiona are all very proud of him, even though Captain CJ is a bit off in the head due to his age. Knut and Eloise are not too young themselves, and while he is retired and enjoys gardening and photography (and making out in the terrace), Eloise loves going to work.

Fiona, on the other hand seems to have acheived a healthy balance. Having reached the pinnacle of her career, she can afford herself the luxury of pursuing other interests, mainly perky, cheerful ones. While she doesn't seem to be able to focus her interest in just one person, Kay Bachman, the once pesky cheerleader, sure does take up a lot of her free time. With Kay and Fiona's past history, one would wonder why they would be spending so much time together now, but with Vincent gone as well as all those other men whose names she can't remember, Kay seems to be a firm presence in Fiona's life. She is more mature now and has changed her hairstyle, which makes Fiona's dislike for her tone down a bit. Little Galahad is not very fond of her, but it's not like they're getting married or anything, so Fiona doesn't worry much about it.

One day, Kay comes by to visit as always and just out of the blue, she kisses Fiona. She then goes on to confess that she's always had a crush on her and that's why she was so mean to Vincent. Fiona is touched and flattered, and from then on, they become inseparable.

With Gabriella and Vincent gone off to La Fiesta Tech, the house is a lot more quiet than it used to be, even though Gwyneth seems to have the same phone bug as well. She has grown into a lovely teenager with many friends. She'd like to have a boyfriend but she wants to get rid of some extra pounds that make her self- conscious.

At La Fiesta Tech, both Gabriella and Vincent have fit in nicely. The first thing she does when she arrives on campus is hit the Mirage shops, of course, for a new set of clothes.

Vincent doesn't care much for clothes, so he keeps his standard issue outfit and focuses on the more important things, namely, books.

Gabriella certainly is a complex creature. Once her shopping spree is over (it's good to be a Fredeschay!), she is so happy with all her purchases, and her new wardrobe... that she streaks for joy all over the parking lot!!!

But not everything can be happiness and shopping sprees in a sim's life and all things must come to an end. In this case, Knut and Eloise. Probably the oldest sims ever to live in the Grawl, they pass whithin a few hours of each other and are deeply mourned by their families.

Gwyneth goes away to college shortly thereafter and joins Gabriella and Vincent at La Fiesta Tech. Galahad grows up into a very handsome teenager, with only one thing on his mind (no, not THAT): Money. He wants to be a businessman... a very rich one.

In an unexpected turn of events, his grief-stricken mother marries the cheerleader and even takes her name! Galahad is furious and can't take it anymore. He enrolls in the advanced program of his high school, graduates ahead of his class and heads out to La Fiesta to join his sisters...

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Can you hear me now?

Little Galahad soon grows up to be a cute little toddler, and for all her mumblings about his origins, Eloise bakes him a cake and blows out the candles for him. Nobody can resist a smiling baby!

CJ spends a lot of his free time with Galahad, just like he did with Gabriella and Gwyneth before him. He really enjoys teaching the little boy how to walk, talk and even how to use the potty.

Soon they are best friends.

But Galahad is not the only one growing in the Fredeschay household. The girls are growing like weeds, too (Fiona barely notices because she's busy trying tu fulfill her new lifetime want of 20 lovers...), especially Gabriella who goes from this:

To this:

In what seems a relatively short period of time, Gabriella has turned into a lovely adolsecent with beautiful auburn hair. Actually, a more accurate picture of Gabriella would look something like this:

The Fredescahys would've forgotten what Gabriella looked like before she had the phone surgically attached to herself, had it not been for all the pictures depicting her before this bizarre incident took place. She doesn't seem to mind, though. She's happy as long as she can apply makeup in between phone calls. Gabriella is extremely fond of makeup. And phones.

It was during one of her routine prank calls that she met another teen from the neighborhood. He had enough sense of humor to find her mildly amusing, so they chatted for a while. His name was Vincent, like her dad and soon they were calling each other all the time. And when you're talking about Gabriella and the phone... that's a LOT.

Fiona took some time off in between her romps and put an end to it, seeing as the line was always tied up and she didn't have time to buy her a cell phone. So Gabriella did the logical thing and invited Vincent over.

Gabriella is not really impressed when Vincent shows up. He seems like a bit of a geek to her. And those clothes! She looks him up and down but decides he's still cute enough.

They start hanging out at her place a lot and soon enough, not only are they inseparable, but she has a crush on him that of course, she'll deny any day.

One thing... Leads to the other...

And soon there is talk of running away together to live in the mountains or some such nonsense, which ends rather quickly when Gabriella realizes there will be no phones in the mountains. So they decide to go to college together. One with phones.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Gwyneth grows into a lovely dark haired, tanned child always wondering why she didn't get her sister Gabriella's unique orange locks (except for when kids call her "Ronald McDonald" at school, so maybe orange hair is not all it's cut out to be...). No longer looking like an adopted Asian boy, she is pretty in her own way. The two girls are close and enjoy spending time with each other, as well as competing for their grandparent's attention with their excellent grades.

Things seem to be getting back to normal in the Fredeschay household, when Fiona, who had been trying to forget about her wild night and go on with her life, realizes not only she won't forget about it anytime soon, but everybody else will know about it, too. Fiona was pregnant again! With Vincent dead, it was no surprise the other family members were curious as to the origins of this new addition, but Fiona refuses to talk about it, making Eloise walk away mumbling...

All throughout the pregnancy, Fiona seems very absent minded, spending long periods of time staring away into space, smiling and saying nothing. Knut just smiles and watches TV.

At last, the long awaited day arrives and Fiona finally talks... but it's sailor speak and not fit for printing, as the birth was a painful one and she wasn't happy with all the people cheering in the room, waiting to get a glimpse of the mysterious baby (not to mention some had placed bets on who the daddy was...).

It's a BOY!!! After much screaming and squirming, Fiona finally delivers a healthy baby boy.

They all stand around waiting for her to name the baby, hoping that maybe that'll give them a clue as to who the daddy is, but Fiona names him Galahad. Nobody remembers any friends or neighbors with that name, so they figure she probably didn't name him after his daddy. So who is the daddy??

They are all puzzled, but Fiona only smiles and holds the baby...

Saturday, September 03, 2005

What's Cookin'

After some time, and with much doting upon by her grandparents, parents and great-great-grandpa CJ, it came time for little Gabriella to grow into a charming little toddler. And so, with the help of her grandfather Knut, Gabriella moved into the realm where she was finally mobile, and where observors learned that she was a very nicely established child with a 10/5/7/9/6 personality.

Everyone was SO proud.... except, perhaps, her mother Fiona... who continued to eat her breakfast without pausing to celebrate. There were times when the family seemed to have some kind of eating disorder, however the symptoms were not clear and were not consistent. It was worrisome thought... could there be a flaw in the family genetics? Had the strange biotics of Fredeschay begun to wreak havoc upon the family?

Illness concerns notwithstanding, time marched on. And, the family received yet ANOTHER surprise when Fiona gave birth to a new daughter. Young Gwyneth was received with much joy, and everyone rushed into the room to greet her where they all cheered for Fiona and where CJ and Eloise celebrated with a game of Punch-Me, Punch-You.
The beautiful child was thrilling and exciting, and both Vincent and Fiona where very happy to have contributed yet another lovely child to the Fredeschay clan. There hope was to have one more child... hopefully a man-child who could carry on the family name as either a George, Gaston or Gordon.

Knut though, was thrilled. He had been waiting for a new grandchild. And even though he was napping, he celebrated with a happy dream of his new granddaughter. And of course, when he awoke, he learned that it wasn't just a dream!

And so, yet again, life moved on. Tragically, everyone was so smitten with the goddamn baby that all organization in the house was shattered. Soon the various generations were lining up trying to hold, coddle, feed, change and coo at the new baby.

Poor Gabriella received SOME attention from her Grandmother Eloise however it was generally a rule in the family that babies get more attention than anything else, including good health.

Vincent and Fiona took to eating bad food, resulting in food poisoning...

And other strange behavior...

And then, without warning, but very likely due to the goddamn baby, Vincent's food poisoning took a turn for the worse. It seemed that in the midst of exhaustion, hunger, illness and the ever-burning desire to hold the baby, that he reached a point where he could no longer survive, even with the best medical care available on the planet. He was the only doctor in the house, and since he had passed out, it seemed that he was destined to become one of the Fredeschays who was doomed to die young and before his time. And so, having come nowhere NEAR being a Platinum level sim, Vincent passed into the great hereafter... even despite the fact that his precious Fiona pleaded with the great figure of Death not to take her dear husband from her.

Fiona was devastated, and in the fog of her grief she spiraled into despair. In that time, everything was a blur. She recalled that Gabriella made some drastic changes to her look.

She had a fairly good recollection of Gwyneth (who looked strangely like an adopted Asian boy) growing into a very nicely rounded toddler with a 7/9/10/6/9 personality.

She also, in the haze of grief, remembered an incident that happened in the dead of night... many visitors had been there, and she wasn't quite sure what had happened. But she suspected that she might soon be adding to the G-Generation in the Fredeschay household! What was going to happen now!?!?!