Sunday, October 16, 2005

Wrapping up loose ends

Hermione joined her older brother at LFT and the two of them moved in with their Aunt Gwyneth and Uncle Galahad. The two "elder" students were set to graduate very soon, so it wasn't long before it was just Harry and Hermione. School flew by and Harry graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Mathematics and the only skill he was not a complete expert at was Creativity. Within two days of being home, he remedied that and fulfilled his dream of becoming the Grawl's resident mad scientist. Although he did have a hot girlfriend in the form of Brenda Sims, Harry was content with his destiny of being weird, Uncle Harry, educator of future Fredeschay generations.

Gabriella and CJ were blissfully happy with one another, a fact not dampened when Gabriella turned into the hottest old lady in the Grawl. For some odd reason she sort of wanted a facelift but Captain CJ said "Baby, don't change a thing!"

Hermione finished off her senior year by completing all her required coursework in record time. This gave her plenty of opportunities to throw some raging parties. Although she had yet to be kissed, she did have several very good male friends. After one last Turkey N' Samba party, Hermione headed home with her well earned Physics degree in hand. She was well pleased to get a job as a surgeon at the Grawl Medical Center. Now she just needed to decide which of her three closest friends would move to the next level. Would it be Parker "Lazy Ass" Knight, granola hippie Zeeshan Reeves or her friend since teenhood, Ian Cormier? Only time would tell.


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SOmebody needs to turn that old fart into a zombie :P

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