Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Boy Who Joybuzzered

Harry wasted no time getting down to work when he arrived at the Cayon Dorms at LFT. His mother had tried to encourage him to be a little more fun loving, or at least get the hell off the chess board once in a while. It hadn't worked, Harry was as much of a humorless boor as ever but he wanted to make his mother happy. When uber playful Reed Patch showed up at the dorm trying to rouse everyone in a school cheer, Harry decided to give joie de vivre a try and hit Reed with the old Joybuzzer trick.

As expected, Harry's lack of natural ability was more than evident. Oh, it was ugly. Reed, despite being the King of the Joybuzzer did not appreciate the tables being turned. He poked Harry in the chest and called him an assortment of rude names. Harry wasn't about to take that lying down and shoved the llama suited punk. The resulting fight left Harry with a lighting bolt shaped scar over his right eyebrow and a renewed resolve that playfulness sucked.


Blogger Rachel said...

Ah, the Sim Who Lived.

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