Saturday, October 15, 2005

Once a horndog, always a horndog

Stately Fredeschay Manor. When the family was unable to move Vincent's urn to the graveyard because of the overgrowth of weeds, they decided to bridge the moat so the gardener could get in as well as create a separate alcove for Tristen's grave. Tristen's headstone spent one night on its secluded island and then mysteriously disappeared. The family reaction to the loss was underwhelming. The rest of the Fredschay ghosts took the opportunity to haunt like hell - and thus Hermoine met her grandfather Vincent I one night while snarfing down some pasta.

Gabriella, in the meantime, was desperate to win back CJ's affections. Her obsession now was not only to not die old and never married (guess the two times she married Vincent II didn't count) but to specifically marry CJ. Captain CJ was Captain CJ after all, so it wasn't long before he forgot all about that unpleasant jilting.

The two got married in their pajamas one day after Hermoine left for school. This time Gabriella initiated the vows, just to prove to CJ that she was serious this time. Hermione was nonplussed on her arrival from school, and she figured that there was no time like the present to join her brother at school. Because like, OMG senior citizen WooHoo? Ewwwww!


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CJ is quite the dawg, eh?

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