Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Aaaand, scene!

[Anne: Fredeschays have been uploaded]

Fiona on the set of "How to Cook for Forty Humans"

Eloise, still one sexy Evil Overlady!

The time just seemed to fly, and soon the Fredeschay's were welcoming their fifth generation. Fiona followed the family's alphabetical naming traidtion and dubbed the little girl Gabriella. The older members of the household loved to dote on the little tot a good thing since Fiona returned to work immediately.

Monday, August 01, 2005

To Serve Man

Now that her decision was made, Fiona popped the question to Vincent, who of course happily accepted. The two agreed, however, that there was plenty of time to start a family (I mean after all, Fiona's parents weren't even elders yet) Waiting would allow Vincent more time for his studies, plus Fiona had just scored a job as a sous chef at the Area 51 Grille. She knew that was a key step to getting her own Yummy Channel show, and a maternity leave would just delay the process.

Captain CJ was delighted to have another scholar in the house. He admired Vincent's conviction and agreed to train him in several disciplines. He refused, however, to teach him anything about the Prints Charming Fingerprint Scanner. It wasn't long until Vincent had earned sufficient skills to climb a few rungs of his medical career.

Eloise and Knut were still dealing well with their opposing careers. In fact, they found all the danger and intrigue rather a turn on. For several days they gave the newleyweds a run for their money. A family trip into town to buy some new gym clothes resulted in changing room WooHoo for almost everyone. The passion must have done something for them, because both aged rather gracefully and decided against the traditional trip to the facelift machine.

Word had spread about Fiona's talents...her cooking talents that is, and one day she received a call from Kang and Kodos Productions. They wanted her to be the star of their new series "How to Cook for Forty Humans". It was Fiona's dream come true!

With her promition and Vincent well on his way to supreme knowledge, the couple decided to try for a child. It took a few turns (not that Fiona minded in the least) but soon the generation 5 bun was in the proverbial oven.