Sunday, October 16, 2005

Wrapping up loose ends

Hermione joined her older brother at LFT and the two of them moved in with their Aunt Gwyneth and Uncle Galahad. The two "elder" students were set to graduate very soon, so it wasn't long before it was just Harry and Hermione. School flew by and Harry graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Mathematics and the only skill he was not a complete expert at was Creativity. Within two days of being home, he remedied that and fulfilled his dream of becoming the Grawl's resident mad scientist. Although he did have a hot girlfriend in the form of Brenda Sims, Harry was content with his destiny of being weird, Uncle Harry, educator of future Fredeschay generations.

Gabriella and CJ were blissfully happy with one another, a fact not dampened when Gabriella turned into the hottest old lady in the Grawl. For some odd reason she sort of wanted a facelift but Captain CJ said "Baby, don't change a thing!"

Hermione finished off her senior year by completing all her required coursework in record time. This gave her plenty of opportunities to throw some raging parties. Although she had yet to be kissed, she did have several very good male friends. After one last Turkey N' Samba party, Hermione headed home with her well earned Physics degree in hand. She was well pleased to get a job as a surgeon at the Grawl Medical Center. Now she just needed to decide which of her three closest friends would move to the next level. Would it be Parker "Lazy Ass" Knight, granola hippie Zeeshan Reeves or her friend since teenhood, Ian Cormier? Only time would tell.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Once a horndog, always a horndog

Stately Fredeschay Manor. When the family was unable to move Vincent's urn to the graveyard because of the overgrowth of weeds, they decided to bridge the moat so the gardener could get in as well as create a separate alcove for Tristen's grave. Tristen's headstone spent one night on its secluded island and then mysteriously disappeared. The family reaction to the loss was underwhelming. The rest of the Fredschay ghosts took the opportunity to haunt like hell - and thus Hermoine met her grandfather Vincent I one night while snarfing down some pasta.

Gabriella, in the meantime, was desperate to win back CJ's affections. Her obsession now was not only to not die old and never married (guess the two times she married Vincent II didn't count) but to specifically marry CJ. Captain CJ was Captain CJ after all, so it wasn't long before he forgot all about that unpleasant jilting.

The two got married in their pajamas one day after Hermoine left for school. This time Gabriella initiated the vows, just to prove to CJ that she was serious this time. Hermione was nonplussed on her arrival from school, and she figured that there was no time like the present to join her brother at school. Because like, OMG senior citizen WooHoo? Ewwwww!

The Boy Who Joybuzzered

Harry wasted no time getting down to work when he arrived at the Cayon Dorms at LFT. His mother had tried to encourage him to be a little more fun loving, or at least get the hell off the chess board once in a while. It hadn't worked, Harry was as much of a humorless boor as ever but he wanted to make his mother happy. When uber playful Reed Patch showed up at the dorm trying to rouse everyone in a school cheer, Harry decided to give joie de vivre a try and hit Reed with the old Joybuzzer trick.

As expected, Harry's lack of natural ability was more than evident. Oh, it was ugly. Reed, despite being the King of the Joybuzzer did not appreciate the tables being turned. He poked Harry in the chest and called him an assortment of rude names. Harry wasn't about to take that lying down and shoved the llama suited punk. The resulting fight left Harry with a lighting bolt shaped scar over his right eyebrow and a renewed resolve that playfulness sucked.

Friday, October 14, 2005

As the Grawl Turns

After the death of his father, Harry decided to postpone his admission to college until his sister became a teenager. But his reasons weren't purely altruistic, the extra time would allow him to really start skilling in earnest. Captain CJ was more than happy to pass on his knowledge of making the perfect chocolate truffle and the best club to use when putting from a distance. Harry's natural aptitude in so many differet discplines attracted the eye of the local headmaster and soon Harry and his sister were students at Grawl Country Day School.

Gabriella was faring less well. Becoming a widow for the second time, from the same man took its toll. One day at work she fumbled a critical citizen defense manuever and was unceremoniously dumped as Captain Hero. It didn't matter, the job couldn't fill the empty hole in her life and she desperately wanted to get married again. Her two biggest fears were losing the little love she had left for CJ and being old and unmarried. At first she though maybe she'd cozy up to Ian Cormier, the handsome young man who walked by their house on occasion but Gabriella realized she just wasn't going to have time to build up their relationship before she aged. In desperation, she proposed to CJ who gladly accepted.

Then something strange happened. Gabriella panicked, what would happen if she married her great-great grandfather? Would there be some kind of repercussions? Would the Grawl Board object and revoke their colonization license? So, despite being the one who wanted it all along, Gabriella refused CJ when the time came to say "I do". That was it, the fragile love was gone, in fact as far as CJ was concerned, he didn't even KNOW Gabriella anymore.

Hermoine, completely oblivious to the drama swirling around her happily turned into a gorgeous teenager. A childhood spent watching her family die, come back to life and die again made her determined to become the best doctor in the Grawl. Harry was very proud of her and felt this was the best time for him to be off to college.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Death for the Win!

It started out as such a good day at stately Fredeschay manor. Gabriella returned from work after achieving her final promotion and was awash with joy. Harry was doing extremely well in school and it was Hermione's birthday. No one felt like throwing a party, so just the immediate family and Vincent's buddy Randy Ng from work cheered on the tot as she blasted into a well-skilled child.

The party also served to push Vincent and Randy's friendship over the edge and they became best friends. In fact, Randy was Vincent's tenth best friend! It was as if this day couldn't get any better, Vincent thought joyously. He was so flush with success that he thought he'd just fix that trash compactor that everyone had been neglecting. Maybe it was too much cake, or perhaps his happiness distracted him but despite having a bit of experience with mechanics, Vincent fried like Colonel Sanders. Everyone was distressed, particularly Randy, who just stood there horrified, ankle deep in refuse.

Vincent hadn't used up all his lives yet. He survived charred, but without even wetting his pants. He excused himself from his guests and went upstairs to take a quick nap so he could make it through a shower before collapsing. Before he could make it however, Knut decided what was good for Eloise was good for him and made with the Ooga Booga!

Death, a bit rancorous from his previous failed attempts to collect a fresh Fredeschay soul, was beside himself with glee to find Vincent curled up in a stinking fetal heap. Gabriella had already hit the sack and Captain CJ was too busy whining that Vincent's fetid corpse was in his way, so Death faced no resistance adding to his Vincent collection.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Could this be normalcy?

It wasn't long before Gabriella discovered the reason for her sudden collapse. She was pregnant again with Vincent's child. Captain CJ was still completely oblivious to Vincent and Gabriella's affair and didn't seem to question the appearance of a new baby. Gabriella gave birth to a girl, whom they named, what else, Hermione. The child had a sparkling 10/6/4/9/6 personality. Gabriella was so happy to have her family complete and perfect again.

Gabriella spent a few days teaching Hermione the basics of life, then decided to get a job in law enforcement. She knew that the only thing that could make her happier than her family was to protect and serve her "family" of Grawl citizens! Captain CJ came out of his meditative state long enough to whip Gabriella into shape.

Ever cautious of being found out, Gabriella and Vincent got married in a furtive ceremony in the downstairs bathroom. The only witness to the event was Brittany Parker - who for once in her life wasn't being annoying.

With the arrival of his more personable sister, the pressure was off newly teenaged Harry somewhat. This made him extremely pleased because it meant he could focus on the serious pursuit of knowledge. He could play chess as long as he wanted without his parents prodding him to "just get outside once in a while."

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Death on speed dial

When Captain CJ finished his daily meditation, he didn't seem to notice that Gabriella was sleeping in the middle of the day or that Vincent was wandering around in his underwear. He was so blissfully ignorant that he gladly agreed to give the younger man some cooking lessons.

But things were not all rosy for Gabriella. Apparently her little romp with Vincent took more out of her than she expected and when she went to get up, she promptly collapsed into an exanimate heap on the floor. Vincent, who was just stepping out of the shower, had this odd urge to start weeping so he rushed upstairs to see the spectral image of his old nemesis the Grim Reaper floating in. Not for nothing had Vincent died and come back to life twice, he made short work of guessing in what bony hand Grim was hiding Gabriella's immortal soul. Mr. Death had no choice but to give up yet another Fredeschay.

Zen and the Art of Cheating on Your Lover

Harry was devestated by Fiona's "tragic accident" but then his parents bought him a brand new telescope and he felt significantly better. The rest of the family took the whole thing rather well. Gabriella had been longing to flirt with Vincent, but just didn't feel right doing it while he was technically her stepfather. With Fiona out of the picture, however, that barrier was lifted. But still, the matter of Captain CJ would have to be addressed before she could go any further.

It was a well-known fact that Captain CJ, when not being an autonomous horndog, liked to spend his time meditating in his new Tranquility Garden. Perhaps, Gabriella thought, this was the opening she was looking for. She'd had a mysterious illness earlier in the week, so she told Vincent she was heading up to bed to "relax" and perhaps he could check on her in a few minutes to make sure she wasn't still running a fever.

Vincent came up to check on Gabriella and was drawn to her simple, yet oddly stimulating white pajamas. The two partook in some playful banter with lots of clever innuendo about having a fever and being hot (that god is far too tired to think up at the moment). As Gabriella drifted off in post-firework bliss she thought it would be really nice to get engaged to Vincent again.

And Captain CJ was none the wiser.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Tale of Two Vincents

It all started with a sweater. Fiona came home with it one day after a trip to the Fredeschay Supply Company. Vincent thought it a bit odd as Fiona knew he preferred the more urban chic look of a leather coat, but the gesture was sweet so he started wearing it around the house. Then Fiona suggested he stop wearing his contact lenses. His glasses made him look so much sexier, she purred. Vincent again agreed. But he started getting suspicious when she brought home a clip on pontytail. Your hair would look so much better long, and this way we don't have to wait for it to grow.. Reluctantly he clipped it on, and was about to comply with Fiona's wish that he shave off his goatee when he happened to pass Gabriella on his way to the bathroom.

Oh my ANNE! she gasped. If you had a tan you'd look just like my FATHER!

Ohhhh, it all became crystal clear to Vincent (who was still a little slow from his last near death experience). That explained the appointment tomorrow at Grawl Tan! Fiona was trying to remake Vincent in Vincent's image! She didn't love him at all - she just wanted a Vincent surrogate. Vincent seethed in anger - he had given up his lovely young wife, broken his home for this woman and here was his repayment! He would make her pay.

The entire next evening, Vincent worked furtively in the yard, not coming to bed until nearly dawn. Then he sat and waited for Fiona to wake up. "Darling, you have got to see the fabulous Halloween decorations I put up. We're going to win the Grawl decorating contest this year for sure!". He led her out to the backyard where a large, sinister looking inflatable Jack O' Lantern sat beside a long forgotten walled garden. Fiona was delighted by it Oh! And look at that cunning creepy plant - you really went all out Vincent. And thus, Fiona was finally with her one true Vincent, just as she had always wanted.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Self-control and the lack thereof

The tumult of her romantic life must have aged Fiona rapidly, because she became an elder soon after her marriage to her former son-in-law.

It was just in time for her to look more grandmotherly for little Harry, a much doted-on tyke despite his rather uninspiring 7/9/6/0/6 personality. Harry learned all the important life skills early and concentrated on improving his toddler charisma, which would benefit him later on in his life as a humorless windbag. Still, he had the cuteness of youth, and his family adored him.

Harry's mother Gabriella longed for some love in her life and even a new baby, but she was still on strained terms with Vincent since his accident and subsequent resurrection. Some part of her was keeping a flame burning for Vincent, as she harbored a secret desire to flirt with him and once again become his best friend. But since he'd moved on to her mother, it seemed a little too awkward to try and patch things up. And really, what could she give Vincent that Fiona couldn't? Sure, she'd saved him from death, but just the other night he had a scare from Grandma Eloise and would have turned into an urn again right there in the stairwell if not for some shrewd bargaining by Fiona, so even that advantage was lost. Gabriella had to wonder if she was a fool for even wanting to get back together with someone who had such a hard time staying alive.

Maybe it was the fact that she so wanted to fall in love again that made her flirt with Captain CJ. Or maybe he flirted with her first, there's no telling; he had secretly wanted to for days. Maybe it was the fact that the old man had become such a lonely, desperate horndog, an autonomous wanker who couldn't even keep it in his pants for ten freaking minutes while he should have been busy training his own distant descendant on the punching bag--who's to say. All Gabriella knew was that it thrilled her to be in love again, but at the same time, she realized it was a stupid move. I mean, only total hobags sleep with their ancestors, right? She found herself starting little arguments with CJ to try and snap herself out of it, but really, she feared losing her love for him. A lot. And Captain CJ was so fond of her that it looked like he would never feel otherwise. This definitely complicated Gabriella's plans to someday get back together with the father of her child. Crap, crap, crap.

Hello, Kettle? Pot here...

Fiona Bachman, nee Fredeschay, was obviously no stranger to love. She collected lovers like Girl Scout badges. But, in her opinion, what's good for the goose is DEFINITELY not good for the…well, the other goose.

It wasn't long after Fiona had hopped out of the hot tub with her newest lover Vincent that her partner Kay came home from work. Whew, that was a close one! Kay had been cultivating a friendship with a guy named Oliver, which was important to her because--once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader--she still clung to her obsession with being popular. Fiona hadn't taken much notice; she figured that Kay was just being kind to Oliver after his terrible face-flattening run-in with a wall made him a turnoff to all the other colonists in the Grawl. So, she was completely unprepared for what she found in the hallway that evening.

Fiona was, hypocritically, furious. She was so enraged that she impulsively sent Kay packing and threw away her wedding ring.

Luckily Vincent was around to console her.

A night of consolation made Vincent fall even more deeply in love with Fiona, and in his morning giddiness, he thought the best way to ease Fiona's pain was to marry her straight away. Fiona, on the rebound, agreed.

And thus Fiona became, once again, a Fredeschay.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

When you aren't with the one you love...

Vincent's journey to the great beyond had understandably traumatized both him and Gabriella, and things between them just weren't the same after he came back from the dead. Now that he was a serious, energetic, tidy extrovert, Gabriella felt like she didn't know him very well anymore. Though estranged, they both stayed at Fredeschay Manor for the sake of their future child. One could hardly blame Fiona, then, for noticing one night in the hot tub that Vincent was really quite a hunky Sim.

Vincent, who had never realized how hot his mother-in-law was before either, was seeing Fiona in a new light as well. Soon the two were sneaking "alone time" together in the bathroom.

And, it wasn't long before Kay had to go off to work and the two lovebirds were relaxing on the bed upstairs, gazing into each other's eyes, moving close...and finally, after waiting so long...

...they jumped out of bed to run downstairs and watch Gabriella give birth to a beautiful baby boy.

Pondering an appropriate name, Gabriella racked her brain...should she choose a Native American name like Hahkethomemah? Or something in the old English tradition, like Haestingas, Haethowine, or Hagaleah...or Hagaward, meaning "keeper of the hedged enclosure"! It was perfect!

Ah, but wait: Captain CJ had finally gotten sick of the hours upon hours of hedge-trimming and the veritable grassland of weeds and, in a hayfever-induced fit of insanity, mowed down every flower and shrub on the property and replaced the immense front hedge wall with some well-placed trees.

So, Harry it was.