Monday, June 27, 2005

Infinite possibilities - well, ok, two possibilities.

[From Elynn: I decided (at least initially) to try and update every day or two as I go, That's because I find I'm generating so much text from such a small amount of gameplay. Apparently I was sim-starved. Or something. Enjoy!]

Dervish arrived home in good spirits, with one thing on his mind.

OK, TWO things. The first one was making money - LOTS of money.
The second was beautiful, adorable, blonde haired vixen Tristen. Oh, he'd heard the stories about her wild romances with other guys - but did it really matter? He loved her. And besides, EVERY wealthy guy needed a trophy wife - preferably blonde. With this in mind he called her and begged her to come over. She hesitated only a moment before agreeing.

While he waited for the love of his life to arrive, he checked online want ads. He wasn't going to settle for just any career - oh no. He'd seen how much moolah dad brought home, and had his heart set on being a pro athlete too. Unfortunately, none of the big pro teams were hiring.

Well, bother. Guess he'd have to work his way to the top. But what was that? A knock at the door?

He swept her into his arms, and delivered a passionate kiss. "Darling, there is something I must ask you..." he breathed into her ear.

"Yes - oh YES!" She cried. the engagement was official!

"We will marry as soon as I can find a job in the athletic career," he promised. "Be strong, and wait for me. Our wedding day will be the most magical day of your life!" She kissed him and left to shop for the wedding dress, while he resumed the job hunt. The next day, after all, was little Doh's birthday - and he still didn't have a present for his much-younger brother.

It wasn't until after dinner that the family noticed the strange behavior of the nanny, Cassandra. She's wandered into the guest bathroom nd was standing there muttering to herself, neither showering nor eating - in fact the few times he peeked inside, Dervish was almost positive the woman was asleep on her feet. Well into the night, Cassandra's descent into senility was the elephant in the room none of the family members wanted to talk about. Brandi watched the baby, and everyone simply used the other bathroom. However, as it grew later and later, it became clear something had to be done. CJ took charge. He walked over to Cassandra, hoisted her on his shoulders, and carried her outside to the garden. "Maybe the nanny service will come pick her up," he told Dervish. "Either way, having her talking to herself was creeping me out - who knows what she might have done with all of us asleep and vulnerable?" With that, the Fredeschays went to sleep, while the Nanny stood silent motionless vigil outside in the tulips.

And as he drowsed, CJ dreamed.. dreamed about the sexy super villain outfit Brandi wore.. dreamed about becoming a super villain himself.. was the time finally right? Could he too achieve that permanent state of bliss in which Brandi found herself - a "platinum" level, as it were? With his enemy old age on the run, there was time for many things - many pursuits which he had not previously considered... so musing, he dropped off to sleep...

Tune in next post...

[Elynn again: Yup, the nanny got royally stuck. I was forced to use the moveobjects cheat to get her out of the house, and if she doesn't get unstuck after a reboot I'll probably delete her and let her re-materialize by the mailbox.]

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Second Gen Non-Heirs find some land.

Since Dervish was clearly the heir apparent, his brothers Dylan and Dash chose to find some land of their own. Together they purchased a plot of land in Fredeschay and there they set about moving towards their dreams.

With their respective amours still at University, the brothers were lonely however they knew that they had time to develop their land and their fortunes so that they'd be ready when love came to town.

The Return of Dervish

And so, young Dervish moved back to the Fredeschay homestead so that he could seek his fortune.

With Tristen still in school, Dervish was saddened. However, he knew that it would allow him to focus on his career so that he could eventually give her the home of her dreams.

Dervish didn't know what career he wanted to pursue... but he did know that he wanted to be VERY, VERY rich. With that goal in mind, he set out into the world.

Late News Update: Eldest Fredeschay Son falls for co-ed.

In his last year at University, Dervish Fredeschay, firstborn scion of the Fredeschay clan, met a starry-eyed young lady named Tristen.

They became friends, and eventually Tristen moved into the dorm with the brothers. There, she and Dervish fell in love.

In due time Dylan and Dash also found love hiding in the corridors of La Fiesta Tech. Their love blossomed as well and soon the dorm was full of the Fredeschays and their various love interests. The dorm was getting crowded, but it was very close to graduation for the Fredeschay boys...


One day Brandi went to call Fredeschay Gardening services. Somehow she called the wrong location and ended up talking with the Fredeschay Adoption Service. In a series of accidents Brandi agreed to adopt a child! She tried to back out of the contract, but nothing she did would alter the plan. The Social Worker would bring the child by the house the very next morning!

Upset for a while, all that changed for CJ and Brandi when their new son D'oh arrived. While he wasn't their biological child, he was still cute, cuddly and would help develop Fredeschay along with their other children. So, as a rejuvenated young family with excellent jobs, a nice nest egg and a newly renovated home, CJ and Brandi set out on the next stage of leaving a legacy for their family.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Movin' on up.

With the kids off to college, CJ and Brandi had time to focus on their careers. Having reached the pinnacle of organized crime, Brandi retired and began a new career in science. While CJ, now at the peak of his athletic career continued to bring home the big Simoleons.

In a great sweep of luck, CJ won $60,000 simoleons. With the windfall, CJ and Brandi upgraded their house into something better for the generations that would develop when their sons came home from University.

University Bound

As the boys moved away to go to University they were placed in suspended animation. When Dash was ready to go to school, his elder brothers were removed from their cryogenic suspension and so they were able to go to school together.

Once there, they began their studies and proved their family genetics by ending up on the Dean's list. CJ and Brandi were SO proud.

Who's the boss?

Now Brandi was at the top of the criminal organization that exported Fredeschay Bluebells. Not only that, she took to wearing a special "evil criminal" outfit that intimidated her minions.

The costume was also a HUGE turn-on for CJ.

Drink it up!

So, Brandi found a niche as she began to export Fredeschay Bluebells out into the galaxy.

And as a beneficial side effect, she and CJ were able to rejuvenate themselves many times. Soon, their effective age was not so far above that of their children. Feeling young and free, CJ and Brandi encouraged their boys to go to University so that CJ and Brandi could continue the development of Fredeschay.

Newsflash: Xeno Flora Can Increase Life of Humans!

CJ and Brandi continued in their careers, all while raising the three boys.

Unfortunately, after a tragic demotion resulting from supposedly "poor" decision making in the arena of law enforcement, Brandi became embittered with the system and took on a life of crime. She worked hard to develop her skills and finally brought herself to the point where she was one of the most talented people on the planet. And so, within the dark walls of organized crime, she discovered that she had a talent for smuggling xeno-biotics from Fredeschay.

Oddly, around that time a bloom of the original biota of Fredeschay surfaced near their home. This area threatened to overrun the valley however it soon achieved a balance with the Earth and Altair III lifeforms which enabled it to stabilize. The blue biota of Fredeschay proved to be very important. It seemed that a special distillation of the blue flower-analogs resulted in a special formula that extended people's lives.

Memory Loss

CJ and Brandi continued to develop their family. Two more sons were born - Dylan and Dash.

All the boys did well in school, and they had many hijinks while growing up. Unfortunately, in a tragic accident resulting from the repair lady being electrocuted while repairing the dishwasher (she lived - although she was a bit toasted and smelled of natural gas for quite some time), all of the boys' childhood photos were lost.
With the family growing, CJ and Brandi took much of their precious funds to updrade the house and to purchase more furniture for their boys. They were slowly making progress as they did their part to improve Fredeschay.

Boom goes the dynamite!

And all that Woohoo resulted in the birth of Dervish, first son of the Fredeschays.

Dervish was the pride and joy of his parents and, as eldest child was established as the heir to the fortunes of the family.


Plenty of Woohoo followed!
Plenty more followed that!

Tie that knot!

Within a few short days CJ and Brandi had a small civil ceremony and in doing so, had the first wedding on Fredeschay.

Pop goes the Question

After working together for some time, CJ finally got the nerve and asked Brandi to marry him. She immediately said "Yes, yes, yes and again I say: YES!"

It was a glorious time happiness and joy. They worked together on their home and made small improvements. Brandi was working as a law enforcement official and CJ was growing in his athletic career. Despite the night air, the future looked bright.

The Meeting

As Captain CJ was settling into his new location, other colonists noticed the activity and came over to greet him. Little did they know that the famed founder of Fredeschay had chosen to move into the area. They were thrilled, and spent several hours making him feel welcome.

On that first day, CJ met Brandi LeTourneau. She was intriguing, beautiful and shared many similar interests. She also understood the Fredeschay colony's need for increasing the population which is something that continued to draw CJ to her. Over time they became friends and eventually Brandi moved in so that they could pool resources and improve the land and surrounding valley together. In that time, love blossomed.

Squatter's Rights

As the settlers moved into the valley, Fleem Inc. chose to assist by landing a supply pod nearby. With the Fredeschay Supply Company ready to provide the colonists with their every need, Captain CJ felt comfortable settling on nearby land. Although is resources were low, he was able to cobble together a small campsite that would enable him to survive as he worked to make a home for future generations.

Our Story Begins

As the people of Sol began to colonize the stars many planets required a lengthy terraforming process. In an attempt to speed up that process, genetic engineering was performed on a small Spore that was found in a tidepool on the third planet from Altair. The resulting small, insect-like creature was called a "Ground Crawler" which was eventually shortened to"Grawler". By consuming various minerals this mighty biotic converted dead, airless planets into lush, verdant worlds, ready for colonization.

The worlds converted in this way were called "Grawls". In late 2105, Captain CJ Fredeschay was surveying a Grawl that was nearly ready for colonization. As he passed over a gorgeous valley his one-man survey probe crash-landed in the hills, forcing him to take refuge in the valley. During the rescue attempt, all of the Captain's rescuers realized the valley was perfect for carving out a new life. So they all stayed in order to make the Grawl their own. This Fredeschay.

The Über-Story

Fredeschay is a blog about a family in Sims 2. This will be written by a group of friends who met in the beta stages of The Sims Online. This group has created a couple of Sims 2 neighborhoods to share with each other.

Now, while following the rules of the Legacy Challenge, they are rotating the neighborhood on a bi-weekly basis. Two neighborhoods are in rotation. One is Fredeschay and the other is Flarg.

This blog will focus on the family of CJ Fredeschay and his descendants as they work, live, love and play in the grawl of Fredeschay.